kurt cyr
design portfolio
graphic design

postcards & stationary
As creative director for the 9 Mile Schoolhouse, Kurt was responsible for the graphics package as well.  Each season, the postcard reflected the look and feel of that year's featured theme while also maintaining the overall look that is associated with the schoolhouse.


Here are some samples of packaging designs that have been requested by various companies to revamp their product lines or promote a new look.  These can range from logos to corporate identity – in the case of the submission to Witt Istanbul Suites, a suite hotel in Turkey.


For Witt Istanbul, the hotel’s actual furniture and architectural details were utilized in the design identity.  This encourages an unique feeling of place, that of a boutique hotel, not a chain.  

Kurt has art directed, designed and illustrated books, using computer graphic programs as well as his skills in free-hand drawing.

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